Trainees in the IT industry in Germany

Trainees in the IT industry in Germany

Naysayers promote innovation even if they are sometimes annoying

Today I was having lunch with IT colleagues and we were talking about our trainee. One colleague who previously worked in another industry thought that his manner was inappropriate for a trainee. When I was an apprentice, I could not have allowed myself to disagree when most of the colleagues had a different opinion." This is a culture that I did not have experienced in IT companies yet. If someone says "Is PHP the right language to solve the problem?" then it's good for us to think about it again. Even if the answer is "yes" afterwards, it's good to question yourself again and again and even more so when the question comes from a trainee who has a fresh perspective on things. After thinking about it for a while, I have come to the conclusion that nay-sayers promote innovation even if they are sometimes annoying. Yay-sayers are just as important for getting things done. As always, it depends on a good mix in the team. Like yin and yang.

Just say no

In an industry with complex problems, we need people who think and act independently. In the wiki of my employer Netresearch there is an appropriate graphic that describes the company culture well. Or the aspired corporate culture as presented self-critically.

Alignment enables autonomy.png

I am very happy to work in the IT industry, that became clear to me again today.

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